11 Ways You Can Use Labels to Organise Your Home

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Spring is here, and it’s the season to get your house organised for the rest of the year! The winter blues are over, we’re ushering in the warm weather, and we want to do it with a house that’s clean and breezy. We’ve already written about storage ideas and home organising tips and tricks, so this time we’ll be making finding and tidying things even easier with the use of labels! If you’re stumped as to just how labels can make such a big difference, read on for 11 ways you can use labels to organise different areas of your home.



Let’s get started with the kitchen, an area that’s storing so many different things and always tends to be busy. Labels can really help make your life easier by keeping different food items organised and easy to find – which means they’re also easier to put away, keeping things tidy! Kitchen cleaning time can seriously be cut down with the use of labels, and best of all, your kids (and husband) will have no excuse for not knowing where things are kept!


1.Spice rack

Labels are an essential for spice racks and cabinets. If you don’t want to identify your herbs and spices by scent and appearance, use labels to quickly pick out ingredients when you’re cooking. There’s the cardamom, there’s the cinnamon, there’s the nutmeg – too easy.



Avoid the hassle of mystery ingredients in jars by labelling items in your pantry. Make it easier to tell apart different types of rice, grains, sugars, flours, and so on by keeping a clear label on your jars. You’ll never have trouble distinguishing between plain and self-raising flour again!

Labels to Organise Your Home

3.Lunch boxes

Use labels on kids’ lunchboxes (and your spouse if they have one), to help them easily pick out their lunches for the day. This is especially handy if one of your kids has a food allergy or a special diet, as you’ll avoid accidental lunch swapping. Plus, kids love having their items personalised, and this just makes lunchtime more fun!

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Home office

Whether you’re in your home office for work, hobby time, scrapbooking and craft time, or just time away from the kids, labelling can help to keep your space clear, tidy, and organised so you can enjoy a clear mind. Also handy for kids’ study areas, labels help keep your space organised to make sure you brain performs at its best, with no clutter and mess.



Keeping drawers labelled is a handy way of making sure your desk stays organised, by way of you placing similar items together and avoiding messy drawers. It can also be extremely handy if you’re sharing your home desk between several members of the family. A good idea is to label drawers by person, so everyone has a place for their things, and if your desk is not shared then it can be handy to label drawers by subject, item (e.g. stationery), and so on.

labelling drawers


Label your files and folders to easily identify things like bills, identity documents, rent forms, kids’ school stuff, and so on. We’ve all had those moments where we’re running around the house trying to find a birth certificate or an invoice, and keeping things organised and labelled can cut down on time, stress, and making a mess as we look for things.


Kids’ rooms


6.Drawers & cupboards

If you’re the type of parent who likes to make kids tidy up their own room, then labelling furniture like drawers and cupboards can really help them to stay organised and avoid a messy room. Labelling drawers and cupboards (e.g. pants, shirts, underwear, socks) can ensure kids put things back in the right place, and makes them more likely to do so as it seems more effortless when the storage space is labelled.

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7.Toy boxes

Avoid angry children crying because they can’t find their favourite toy by keeping toy boxes labelled. Label toy boxes for each child, and then again to separate their different toys and make certain items easier to find. Legos in one box, barbies in another, miscellaneous toys in a third, and cars in the fourth. If your kids aren’t too young to read, at least it’ll make the detective work easier for you!

8.Arts & crafts

Again, labelling storage spaces is essential to encouraging organisation and having kids put items away after use. Label different storage spaces for brushes, paints, glues, textas, pencils, and so on, to avoid having kids toss everything together and create chaos.



The garage could always use a little organisation – there are so few of us with tidy garages out there, and even fewer with garages that actually have space for a car! Labels can help create an efficient storage system in your garage, and make a work space more organised for more efficient work.  


9.Storage jars

Labelling storage jars is a handy way to easily find the small nuts and bolts (literally), that you need. Separate your items by type and size (e.g. nails, screwdriver and drill bits), and keep them in labelled storage quickly to easily identify the type you’re looking for without having to check each jar individually.

Labelling storage jars

10.Cupboards, bags, and boxes

Garage cupboards, bags, and boxes can quickly turn to mayhem without a proper labelling system. Keep your different bits and bobs separated by labelling different cupboards, boxes, bags, and drawers labelled. This will not only help you find the right place to keep something when you want to store it, but you’ll also easily be able to retrieve what you need. From clothes to utensils, kids’ school stuff, and misc. junk, labelling your stuff will keep your garage spotless.

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11.House stuff

From electric switches to main water shutoffs, labelling your household emergency places with the correct use can be extremely handy during a crisis. Label appropriate switches, dials, and knobs with their uses to make sure every family is able to navigate them in times of need.


So there you have it, 11 different ways that label can transform your household organisation. From keeping things tidy to encouraging your family members to put things away and creating an efficient system, labels are such a tiny yet handy little tool in the home. At Oz Labels, we have a range of Household Labels that are not only nice to look at, but also durable and easy-to-use. Available in different sizes and colours, you can choose a label that fits in with the decor of the different areas of your home (colourful ones for the kids, neutral ones for the kitchen, etc). You’re also able to print something different on each label, and order some blanks to scribble your own words on as well! For glass jars and colourful storage spaces, we also have transparent labels that won’t detract from the design. Ordering is easy too, so you can have those labels ready to use in next to no time. Have a look at our household labels and imagine how dreamy your new organised home could be!


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