10 Useful Tips To Eliminate Your Pet Odors

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Eliminate Your Pet Odors

Odor control is a very common problem for many dog and cat owners. You don’t have to live with a smelly pet. Keep reading to take some tips for pet odor control.

Carpet clean steam regularly

Fiber carpets will trap the smell of pets and need more than vacuum care to remove it. Steam cleans your carpet regularly, making sure they are completely dry before your dog returns to them.


Wash the hard floor every week

Even though the solid floor won’t trap smell as hard as the carpet, it can still hold this smell. Along with the dust of your floor for pet hair, wash every one or two weeks with soap and water.


Use the furniture cover.

Even if your dog is not allowed to sit on a bed or sofa, your furniture can still hold the smell of a pet. One hacking of home improvement is to buy a washable furniture cover that you can clean regularly to eliminate the smell and prevent it from your clothes.


Clean dog beds regularly

No matter how often your dog uses its bed, it only takes one nap to make it smell. Another home repair is to buy a dog bed that has washable coverage or which can be cleaned easily to remove odors and stains.


Dispose of odor

Unfortunately, some of your items may be to odor to be stored even with the most comprehensive home improvement cleaning projects. Don’t be afraid to throw things like a dog bed or blanket and replace it with fresh items.

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Buy special cleansers

Not all cleaning products are strong enough to eliminate the smell of pets. However, pet-specific cleaners are. Buy special cleansers designed to eliminate dog odors for maximum effectiveness.


Create a natural cleanser

Many pet owners don’t want to use artificial chemicals in their homes, especially on the surface where their pets are lying down. Fortunately, you can make homemade cleaners that are safe to eliminate the smell of pets. For example, let the baking soda sit overnight in the carpet, then suck down the surface or spritz with a small vodka, which will eliminate the smell as the alcohol evaporates.


Find the problematic area

Because the smell of pets can linger, dogs can lean into those rooms and make it worse. Discover and treat this issue field to eliminate odor.


Purify air

One way to eliminate odors without completing a home improvement project is to purify your home air. Open the window to air in your home and change your ventilation filter regularly to reduce bad odors. You also have to consider buying an air purifier if it smells too much.


Maintain your pup clean

Keeping an unpleasant odor involves more than home cleaning projects. You also have to make sure your pet is regularly maintained and bathed so they smell fresh and stay healthy.
Your house doesn’t have to smell like you have a dog! Clean your four-legged home and friends consistently to eliminate a strong odor from your home.


Good luck with getting rid of that dog or cat smell! Live Clean always!

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