10 House Organising Tips and Tricks

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After getting over all the work that follows Christmas, New Year, and the end of school holidays, you’ve finally got time to focus on your home and declutter. It’s time to get organised, get rid of junk you don’t need, and make the rest of the year easy on yourself. For those hardworking mothers who barely have time to work, cook, and spend time with the kids, we’ve got some great house organising tips and tricks to make life easier. Read on!


1. Glue glass jars under shelves


Image: http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/organizing/storage-ideas/use-glass-jars

This is a great old trick that stands the test of the time. To gain some extra storage space in the kitchen, garage, laundry, or basically anywhere, glue the lids of jars underneath a shelf or cupboard. You can then screw the jars to the lids and let them hang beneath the shelf. Store different items in different jars, and easily find what you’re looking for.


2. Double up on hangers

Hooked together with a can tab, two hangers eat up way less closet space. See more at The Shabby Creek Cottage »

Image: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/tips/g2610/best-organizing-tips/?slide=6

If your wardrobe is getting a little out of hand, with not enough space to store all your stuff, why not double up on coat hangers? You can double up clothing that you wear less often, or similar items such as business shirts for easy finding.


3. Keep plastic bags inside a tissue box

We’ve all got the bag that we stuff with more bags, but to save even more space this year you can even keep plastic bags inside a tissue box. The sturdiness of the box will keep the bags held together, and the small size makes it easy for storage and retrieval.

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4. Use the sides of cabinets to store items


Get wet sponges and scrubbers off your countertop by placing them in desk organizers hung on the side of nearby cabinets (an ever-underutilized space). Get the tutorial at Homemade Ginger »

Image: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/tips/g2610/best-organizing-tips/?slide=11

Another great way to gain extra space in the kitchen, living room, or elsewhere. Why not glue or screw on some boxes, or containers to the sides of your cabinets to gain extra space? Use them to store items you use frequently, such as sponges, soap, remotes, and so on.


5. Keep small items in a muffin tin

A muffin tin provides a handy single-step solution to rallying the bits and baubles that live in your junk drawer, home office or vanity (try it with earrings, rings and bracelets, too). See more at Tattered Style »

Image: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/tips/g2610/best-organizing-tips/?slide=36

This is a great tip for those who have sewing kits or tools such as nails and screws. Store your pesky little items in a muffin tray for easy access and retrieval. You’ll be able to find what you’re looking for quickly, and put it back where it belongs easily so you can stay organised.


6. Use a pegboard to store items vertically


Garage Organizer

Image: http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/organizing/storage-ideas/pegboard

Vertical storage is something that’s not taken advantage of often enough. Use a pegboard to store items such as bicycles, helmets, sports gear, and more. They’ll be easier to see, and stay well out of the way of everything else. A great way to gain extra storage, especially in those messy garages!


7. Take back the space above the door


Stow extra toiletries and towels up and out of the way. It's an especially helpful tactic in a guest bathroom; you can offer visitors everything they need, but still keep things tidy. See more at Simplicity in the South »

Image: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/tips/g2610/best-organizing-tips/?slide=49

We’ve got all this dead space lying around above our doors, and we’re doing nothing with it. Why not take a weekend off to work on a DIY project and hang a shelf above the door? You’ll add extra storage to your bedroom, where you can keep books, clothing, knick knacks and more. Use this in the laundry for more storage space, and in the bathroom to keep extra towels, toilet paper, and other essentials.

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8. Store items in glass jars or boxes

To easily stay organised and avoid spending hours moving things around to try and find what you’re looking for, keep all your items stored in glass or see through jars or boxes. This way you’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for and stay organised.


9. Label!

You can’t be organised without labelling. Label everything from spice jars to containers filled with flour, rice, and other baking products. Label your drawers and other enclosed spaces so that you don’t have to flick between options to find the right one. Labels also make things look prettier! At Oz Labels we’ve got a great range of different label options to keep your home organised and efficient. From vinyl stick on labels to clear labels, book labels, and clothing labels, we’ve got enough labels to keep your whole home organised. Check out the personalised labels here.


10. Try an organisation challenge

If you’re keen to get yourself organised but don’t quite have the time to commit to the project fully, why not take an organisation challenge? This ten week challenge divides the tasks into easily manageable chores, so you can slowly work your way towards a perfect home. There are more tips and tricks provided for more specific areas of the home. Visit http://thehappyhousie.porch.com/ten-week-organizing-challenge-for-your-entire-house/.


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