10 Arts and Crafts Ideas to do With Kids

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What happened to traditional family bonding time? It seems everyone’s face is in a screen these days, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not get the kids interested in life again with some arts and crafts activities? Everyone’s got some creativity lying within just waiting to be unleashed! You’ll get to hang out with your kids, have some fun, and make something cool while you’re at it? At Oz Labels we’re big fans of crafts and creativity, so we’ve compiled a list of arts and crafts ideas you can do with your kids. Doesn’t matter the age, just gather around and have some fun.


Q tip painting

Image: https://artfulparent.com/2010/10/pointillism-for-children.html

An easy one you can do with items just lying around the house, q tip painting is a fun and original activity. Use the q tips to paint dots on the paper – this idea is quite simple and easy for younger kids, but still produces beautiful images! Click here for the instructions: http://www.momdot.com/diy-nebula-jar-instructions/.


Stained glass bunting

This activity produces beautiful results that you won’t believe were handmade! Another easy one for young kids, this is a little extra fun for everyone as you get to mix together different crayons to produce different colour combinations. Check out the process here: https://artfulparent.com/2012/06/beautiful-stained-glass-bunting.html.


Wire sculptures

It’s time to pop round to the nearest discount shop and pick up those crafts items you haven’t seen since the primary school days! Pipe cleaners, feathers, paddle pop sticks… Get creative with the kids and make your own individual wire sculptures. Let the kids use them to decorate their bedrooms! Find out how here: https://artfulparent.com/2012/03/wire-sculptures-for-kids-with-buttons-beads-feathers.html.

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Personalise with cloth patches


It’s more fun to be creative when you’re doing it to express who you are. Why not let the kids pick some patches for their clothing, school items, or bags? It’s a small item that goes a long way towards making them feel a little more special when they use their stuff. Take a look at our embroidered cloth patches here.


Melting ice and salt science experiment

Science and art in one! Let your kids be amazed by the wonders of science and chemistry while also creating beautiful works of art. Best of all, you get to join in the creating yourself. This is a fun and easy science experiment that produces beautiful results. Have fun! See the instructions here: https://artfulparent.com/2012/07/melting-ice-science-experiment-with-salt-liquid-watercolors.html.


Spin spin painting

This is one we’ve never thought of before! Throw some paints on a paper plate and spin them around in a tub to get some good swirls going on. Little kids will love this one! Afterwards you can hang the pieces from the ceiling in the children’s bedrooms, outside, or just on a wall somewhere. See how to do it here: https://artfulparent.com/2011/02/spin-spin-spin-painting.html.


Paint scrape notecards

Now this is an idea we love. Not only is it fun, creative, and easy, but it’ll also produce something worthwhile! You and the kids can create your own notecards, birthday cards, invitations, or virtually anything with this crafty activity. Check out how to do it here: http://persialou.com/2017/02/diy-art-project-idea.html.


Paper plate caterpillar

A great one for the wee kids, this one is super easy. Create cute little caterpillar faces out of paper plates, coloured paper or tissue paper, and other crafty items. Let your imagination run wild! Throw in some glitter, pipe cleaners, feathers, whatever you like. Check out the basic instructions here: http://gluedtomycraftsblog.com/2015/06/paper-plate-caterpillar-kid-craft.html.

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Octopus mobile

This one’s a little trickier than some of the others, but look at the beautiful results it produces! A great idea if you have young kids and are expecting another, the family can get together and create a beautiful mobile to place in the baby’s room. Download the activity here: https://www.education.com/activity/article/octopus-mobile/.


Nebula jar

These are breathtaking! You’ll never believe that you can make this yourself with the kids. And you’ll never believe how easy it is, either. Just grab some cotton buds, empty jars, glitter, and different coloured paints, and you’re ready. These jars can be placed in the kids’ bedrooms, or even around the house and garden as they’re good enough to look professional! Check out how to do it here: http://www.momdot.com/diy-nebula-jar-instructions/


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📌 10 Arts and Crafts Ideas to do With Kids

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