Name Labels for all your Need

Oz Labels provides personalised labels for different needs and people. We can also custom make labels for you. Please feel free to contact us with your needs.

Questions & Answers

  • How can I remove the iron on name labels from clothings?
    The iron on name labels are designed to be permanently attached on the garments. So it's a little bit hard to be peeled off.
    However, you can try the below 2 approaches:
    * Wash the garment with very hot water.
    * Use a hair dryer to blow on it. After heating it for a while, attempt to peel off the name labels slowly.
    If you plan to remove the labels in the future, we recommend to use our sew on name labels for clothings instead.

More Details:

Honour Your Child with Name Labels

It is not new for kids to misplace their belongings. But this can be easily avoided. Ensure possession of stuff with our vibrant range of name labels. Get your kids involved and they can select from our array of colours, fonts and designs to create your very own customised name labels.

Bid farewell to the ancient black and white or coloured labels. With OZ Labels, get hold of the most beautiful and vibrant unique looking labels that will make your kids berserk. We have a huge collection of labels, from simple stick-on labels to iron-on labels. But it doesn’t end there. With many intriguing designs and colours, we are sure your kids will love them.

We make name labels for all kinds of things. Bags, books, bottles, you name them and we will deliver. We deliver quality products throughout Australia. Woo your kids with their favourite designs and characters on the labels. No matter what the surface, bottles, lunch boxes, or clothes, our name labels are bound to stick.

Flaunt your names on the labels in style. Our range of stickers can be easily applied on any surfaces.

  • Vinyl stick-on labels. Declare ownership with our vinyl stick-on name labels. With clean-cut round edges, vinyl stick-on labels can withstand the test of time. Being waterproof, these are highly durable. No need to fuss over getting it lost in schools. Save money by making sure the lunchboxes, pencil boxes, water bottles, etc. are never lost.
  • Clothing labels. Tired of your kids coming home in different clothes? Make this a thing of the past. Our array of clothing name labels will surely prove to be a blessing to you. Get hold of the most attractive, cute customised clothing labels, and make your kids more organised and responsible.
  • Why choose us?

    • On-time delivery. No matter where in Australia, we always deliver on time. Get top quality name labels at your doorstep.
    • Long-lasting. Compliant with Aussie standards, our name labels are bound to stick for a long time. Save both money and energy by investing in labels by OZ Labels.
    • Versatility and Flexibility. We offer a wide variety of designs. choose from simple colourful labels to cute colour designed labels, we will get it done. OZ Labels makes sure to get the best for your child.